Asbestos removal

XIVAC suction techniques is busy with the construction of the ASBAC unit. With this unit it is possible to suck what for many types of asbestos removal jobs is very convenient and cost-effective! Asbestos The ASBAC may be soon turned against the XIVAC. It is then possible to 150 meters of hose to hang on the XIVAC and to suck asbestos. Can then be sucked asbestos in a confined space unloaded in big bags which then go through the ASBAC and disinfected in accordance with the rules. The result is a big bag with asbestos-containing material that can be immediately! Safely removed For more information on the developments, please follow our news and linkedin. You can also contact us so we can discuss the possibilities for your business

The ASBAC, the three-compartment unit sales, can be rented by certified asbestos removal companies. Picking and packing Big Bags of asbestos-containing material is also possible in combination with the XIVAC.

The aspiration of the upper layer of sand from crawl spaces, the losgefreesde top layer of a concrete floor, the pieces Eternit plates after a fire or stabbing to loose sprayed asbestos, go with this combination so much easier, safer and faster.

Insulation removal

XIVAC vacuum technology can also help your business with suctioning insulation. Different materials are available, such as: glass wool, rock wool, insulation foams. When renovating buildings is the removal of insulation materials from walls and crawl spaces often a requirement. It is not possible to apply with the old insulation even in the crawl space / cavity wall. New insulation Also, in the re-isolation of crawl spaces, this is important. In addition, it is difficult to get without first the old insulation and remove the water. / Mud at the foundation of eenhuis When renovating eengebouw stores is often isolate over again because removing insulation from crawl spaces and wall cavities a difficult and costly task would be. We have XIVAC so that can be further developed. Very efficient and therefore affordable insulation removed Please contact us for more information or a quote.

Trans Shipments

XIVAC is experienced in carrying out transhipments. There have been a lot different with transhipments XIVACs done and the possibilities seem endless. As the emptying of silos, containers, railway wagons, filtration of swimming pools, sandboxes, filters, roof gravel, blasting grit etc.

Ornate containers

What we do much at XIVAC is being transferred from damaged or incorrectly loaded containers. There are extremely many products as possible (mainly bulk) as granules, beads, bone, plastic granules, etc. We can transhipment to another container or silo truck, we can also bagging in big bags, octabins etc. We always have a XIVAC ready for emergencies, our INCIDENT CONTROL SERVICE! 24/7.

The XIVAC are increasingly used for the transfer of products from damaged or incorrectly loaded bulk containers. This can be extremely many products (mainly bulk and powders) are made, such as granulates, fertilizer, bone, plastic pellets, starch, etc. We can transhipment to another container or silo truck, we can also bagging in big bags, octabins etc. Overloading combustible products can then be carried out under nitrogen. conditions

Custom solutions

State your case study here not listed, please contact us because we have years of experience in solving pneumatic displacement of many different products. For a special mobile or stationary suction (blaas-/afzak) for we can be your partner! Into your factory or your product unit

Industrial cleaning

The purpose of the XIVAC was that, when to be included, no 10 m3 or more do not inferior to existing large (expensive) an industrial shop vac vacuum trucks but at a fraction of the price! This was successful and IR companies know more and more to find us to be able to carry out industrial cleaning jobs more efficiently. Also for industrial cleaning or cleanup work after disasters: a XIVAC is waiting for you!

Other options

The XIVAC is very versatile. It is impossible to give in this folder all the possibilities. Again The nice XIVAC is that every time new applications are found to be excellent in the cars which have set themselves. In the field of industrial suction, bagging and verblaaswerkzaamheden the XIVACs nothing too crazy. Below are some examples of applications where the XIVACs already been used. For all these applications XIVAC proved a very effective and economical, but also a convenient solution. Please feel free to contact with us to discuss the possibilities for your business