Renting the XIVAC can bring many benefits. Firstly, the XIVAC cost-saving compared to the current vacuum cars on the market. We have XIVAC developed so that it offers many advantages over all current solutions in the field of industrial cleaning, unloading of containers, suctioning cavity walls, bulk transfer etc.

XIVAC is unique in the market, because a large number of special features, such as:

  • Compact vehicle with large pumping capacity, with license to ride
  • B
  • Autonomous working
  • Rent with or without staff
  • Highly manoeuvrable and compact for small streets, factories etc.
  • Long suction and blowing lines up to 150 meters
  • Low fuel consumption
  • Excellent for food, cleaning unit has no dead space n and so good and also easy to inspect and therefore comply with HACCP guidelines
  • Low air speed for fragile products
  • High vacuum and high airflow for transporting heavy products
  • Direct solve BigBags, Octabins, Silos, open containers or containers etc.
  • blowing into silos, silo trucks, containers etc.
  • be operated by its own staff (after a short crash course)
  • Cheaper, easier and more efficient than existing machines .
  • A HEPA filter serving completely blow environmental safety of the air pump

  • own development and construction of the XIVAC also allows for Custom: < strong> We provide customized solutions to improve your existing system or we develop system as a solution to your problem.

And also products such as grains, cement powder, feed, gravel, milk powder, TPA, glass and stone, sugar, plastic granules, nuts, potatoes, PET chips, fertilizer, starch, clay granules, plaster, coffee, glass granulate, filter sand, rolling dander, etc.