het ontstaan van xivac


Ontstaan XIVAC

Besides XIVAC concept we been a reliable supplier of hoses and coupling. We provide these hoses and couplings via the site www.xitrac.nl . Often we came for supplying hoses at jobs where the existing vacuum trucks had major drawbacks and many additional unnecessary costs entailed. We found that this change had come, in the result is the XIVAC! Our concept does away with the disadvantages of large industrial machines for pneumatic moving products. Our concept is unique and there is no comparable solution on the market. What benefits we offer over existing vacuum trucks can be found on the unique properties page!

What we can:

-Many different products suck
Direct-bagging in big bags
-Blowing to silos, silo trucks, containers etc.
-Both food and non-food



  • from containers or silo trucks suck
  • Product from silos to contamination (possibly along the top)
  • fly ash from power plants
  • Grit with paint residue when blasting
  • Residues in concrete repairs
  • Aspiration of contamination in stone, concrete or plaster
  • transhipments of granules, powders, granules, etc.
  • Sand from crawl spaces
  • Shells, beads or pumice to crawl spaces
  • Substrate to roof gardens
  • contaminated sand from playgrounds
  • roof gravel to flat roofs
  • contaminated sand / gravel filter of swimming pools
  • Aspiration of above ground pipes or tree roots
  • Aspiration of scattered cargo in emergencies
  • unloading of small ships
  • Ornate plastic granules