The Xivac is often called in bulk transshipments at various terminals in Europe.  Here shows how we suck a damaged container and bagging in big bags! We always try to have a car ready stand for emergencies and disasters (our accident control service). These disasters are a regular occurrence, it has often happened that a container tipping or falling from a tap and suffer severe damage. The XIVAC is perfect for transhipment or bagging in big bags.

The transfer of a container can be in different ways. We can product from the damaged container transhipment to a new container or to a desired unit (octobins, drums, silos (cars) etc.). The XIVAC can solve and blowing so actually there is much potential in the field of transhipment of dry and wet substances. It is also possible to fix so you can move or delete them. Easy the product in Big-bags

We try for each product and transhipment to devise a good solution. Also flammable substances to be cooled are transhipped through our custom nitrogen system no problem. We are always open to challenges from the customer. Here you can read about it at customized solutions .

The XIVAC sucks almost every product from containers, this example, you can think of a tran shipment of the following products:

  • granules
  • cereals
  • cement powder
  • feed
  • gravel
  • powder
  • TPA
  • fiber granules here's how we overloaded a damaged container to a new
  • nuts
  • potato flour
  • PET chips
  • fertilizer
  • starch
  • clay granules
  • plaster
  • coffee beans
  • glass remains
  • pour sand
  • roller dander

etc., etc., take the opportunities for your company / product contact with us!